Landscape Recording Studio
+44 07810820619
Landscape Recording Studio is a professional recording studio located in Teesside. Situated within the North Yorkshire Moors, near the village of Stanghow. Our engineers regularly work with signed and unsigned artists from a variety of genres and can take your project from its pre-production beginnings through to the final mix & Master.

* Spacious, air conditioned, acoustically treated mix/control facility and includes a fully treated drum/live room.

* Situated within a fully gated residence, and provides secure parking for 10+ cars

* Free use of studio backline, inc. drums, amps, guitars.

* Sky Tv

* Free WiFi

* Xbox 360 inc. xbox live connection

* Free Tea/Coffee

* Free overnight accomodation
You can book the studio by e-mailing or by phone using 07810 820619 (09:00 - 19:00 please)

If you are traveling and need to stay at the studio, please get in touch in advance.
Recording Studio
£20 - Per hour
£150 - Full Day (10:00/18:00) Inc. Engineer
£20 - Online Mastering (Per Song)
Free use of all available backline & equipment

£150 - 1 Day Music Video Shoot, Includes final Edit/Colour Grading/Basic Lighting Kit


1 Day Recording + Music Video Shoot + Photo Shoot - £200
Record a single, make a promotional video & promotional photo's

3 Days Recording + Music Video Shoot + Photo shoot - £500
Record an EP, Make a promotiaional video & Pormotional photo's

If you want to chat about your project or have any questions please contact the studio.
Pop videos & studio diary's
Royal Blood - HUMANS
Launch your band/super promo package offer

So every band uses facebook/twitter/youtube right? I've created this package so you can spend a day recording a super sounding single/demo, film a decent video and take some promotional pictures all in 1 weekend, so you can leave with almost everything you need to infect the social networks with your stuff, what more do you need?

Obviously this doesn't need to be done within a weekend, but it's an option if you are traveling, but we can split this up to suit your schedule
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Make For Alaska - Broken Glass
November / Winter 2014

So it's that time of year again, and the studio is already taking bookings for 2015!

The last few weeks I've been getting out and about once again with my camera, this time taking some promotional shots for a few local bands, it's been good fun, and the results aren't bad, Obviously get in contact if this is something you are looking for.

That's about it for now, I'll do an end of year/xmas update very soon..

The House Of Ceteri - Fleetwood
The Laymans - Amerikarma
Lost In The Crowd - Run
February 2016

Hey all!

It feels like such a long time since I last updated this section of the website, so I thought it was about time I brought thing up to date a little..

I'll admit things have been pretty slow the last 6 months, or even longer if I think about, but the start of 2016 has been pretty good, I've seen a few brand new bands booking the studio, with members of bands that have been here before a long time ago, so it's been great to catch up.

The good news is I have been pretty busy with my camera, shooting some band photos and the odd wedding, so that has kept me out of trouble, this has of course made me think seriously about the future of trying to run a studio business, I guess I haven't made my mind up on a lot of things at the moment..

Anyway, 2016 look set to be a good year, I guess we shall see what the summer holds and beyond..